Invites are issued once a year to all patients with Epilepsy over the age of 18 and currently receiving ant-epileptic medication.


It is important to attend your annual review even when you are feeling well so we can assess your epilepsy and general health when at your baseline, not just when you are unwell.  These reviews will be carried out using NearMe video consultation.


Your check up is aimed at:

  • Improving your seizure control and reducing seizure frequency
  • Reducing the risk of SUDEP (sudden unexpected death)
  • Preventing unplanned pregnancy (if you are female and of child-bearing age)
  • Heath advice regarding diet, weight and smoking
  • Detecting and addressing other associated health conditions, particularly mental health issues
  • Enabling better self care and self management
  • Referring to specialist epilepsy support services when appropriate


Please make time to attend your review so we can help YOU to live the best life you can with your epilepsy condition.


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June 2020

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